Haven House is a faith-based organization providing supported structured living opportunities to foster healing and self-sufficiency for women coming home after incarceration.

Haven House in Juneau has been open since March 2015.

Alaska’s Five Year Prison Reentry Strategic Plan (2011- 2016) concluded that without a stable residence, “it is nearly impossible for newly released individuals to reconnect positively to a community.”  Studies show that persons released from prison are less likely to reoffend, and less likely to go back to prison, if they have stable, secure, supportive housing.

Haven House is the only recovery and reentry residence in Juneau.  It provides safe, stable, sober and structured housing for up to seven women coming home after incarceration.  It also provides a meeting place for all formerly incarcerated women to provide each other support in their recovery and reentry.

“Formerly incarcerated individuals struggle to secure

employment, obtain medical care and avoid substance abuse.  

According to criminal justice officials, however,

finding housing is the biggest challenge faced by

individuals returning to the community.”

National Housing Law Project   


THE FUNDRAISER FOR HAVEN HOUSE AT THE JACC ON THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2018  WAS A HUGE SUCCESS.  The music by the Capital Blend was fantastic.  The food was great.  Rockwells donated any proceeds from the Bar above cost to Haven House. The event raised much needed funds to enable Haven House to provide housing and other support services to women coming out of prison.  If you want to make a donation,  consider making a donation with the Big Green Donate button to your right on this page.  Thanks.